The Deptford Project

The Deptford Project is a brand new apartment building, new public piazza, creative industries market, restaurants and the restoration of a historic Grade II listed Victorian carriage ramp in the heart of Deptford.

The scheme includes a contemporary eight-storey building with 121 new residential apartments and 7 commercial units, alongside associated works on Octavius Street, and the redevelopment of St Pauls House to provide 8 flats, 3 townhouses and ground floor restaurant

About The Deptford Project

This fantastic new destination has transformed a gateway location. The completion of the scheme is the product of an ambitious partnership with Lewisham Council to breathe new life into the historical railway arches, which over 100 years ago stored passengers’ carriages and horses. What was previously an unused area of Deptford has now created new space for independent retail, delivering real benefit to the local area. The renovated arches are home to 14 independent retailers which, through the careful selection of tenants, celebrate the diversity and creativity within the local community. There are also seven shops above the carriage ramp and two restaurants in the Market Yard.

2 Acres
132 new homes
14 Independent Retailers
7 shops
2 Restaurants